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Coaching + Consulting

Why do you want a Web site? Who is your target market?

Who are your ideal clients?

What are the goals for your site? How do these goals fit into your marketing plans?

Sounds elementary, yet many clients discover that they need our help to answer these questions plus many more.

This fundamental inquiry to gain clarity is where the Good Banana Web design process begins. It's the first phase of our 3C Web Design Process™. Be sure to check it out.

Ann Farris

My website is a direct reflection of me and my work and I am proud of both. I owe this to Lana and her skill in bringing out the best in her clients.

Web Design + Development

We create delicious Web sites for small businesses.

We work quickly so you can start attracting clients ASAP. Our goal is to get your site up within 60 days.

We create custom sites using WordPress, a wildly popular publishing system. 

Whether simple or complex, your site will be custom-designed to support your business goals.

Price quote provided based on project scope.

Presence in Action

I was very fortunate to have found Lana. She has great strategic, technical, writing, and interpersonal skills.

Copywriting + Content Development

So you're not a word chef? No problem. Let us do our magic. We follow proven recipes to create tasty content for human visitors (your ideal clients) and the search engines. We'll whip up words that entice, entertain, educate, inform, or persuade — whatever is required to support the goals of your site. 

We offer several writing packages to suit your needs. 

Bowl of Ice Cream

If what you offer is simple and easy to understand, and you're able to provide rough drafts for Home, About and Products or Services, this is the perfect package.

Price starts at $1200.

Banana Split

Your target audience may need more detail to understand what you offer and why you're the best choice. We'll work with you to create content such as a description of your ideal clients, your approach, or programs.

Price starts at $2500.

Sundae with All the Toppings

In addition to content development, this package includes lead generation such as email marketing or offering a special report, ebook or guide. Price depends on project scope. 

Kenneth Lossing - kennethlossing.com

The best thing about working with Lana was her ability to listen and blend my input with her expertise.

Email Marketing / Lead Generation

Do you want an e-newsletter to stay connected with prospects and clients? We’ll get you set up on MailChimp — the coolest email service on the planet. We love their fun, clever approach, and their Forever Free plan is perfect for getting started.

See our email marketing service here

MailChimp logo
Mark Mooney - Ecosomatic.com

Let's explore your options

We love helping people who are making the world better a place. You don't have to be on a big mission to change the world, just doing good in your neck of the woods.

If you're looking for a friendly Web design agency that is focused on business results, can understand and articulate who you are and what you do, we'd love to talk with you. Get in touch for a free consultation.