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Do you want a Web site that supports your business goals?

A site that appeals to your target audience, leading to better prospects and more sales?

And are you a good banana? Wonderful!

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Before contacting me, be sure to check out my 3C Web Design Process to see how what goes into creating a delicious Web site.

Ann Farris

All Web design projects include these valuable services:

1) Consulting to get super clear about your target audience and goals for your site. My clients love these illuminating conversations. You'll see...

2) Guidance for creating your site content. I provide you a detailed copywriting guide, plus professional review and editing services. 

3) Search engine optimization (Hello, Google!).

4) A bunch of advice and encouragement along the way. I serve as your friendly coach to keep the ball moving.

5) Your site will be created using WordPress, a popular Web site creation tool. Your site will be mobile-friendly and look good on any device ("responsive").

If you don't have a domain name or Web site hosting, no worries. I'll help you get everything set up. 

Project Fee...

I'll be happy to provide a quote based on project scope. My fees tend to be mid-range in the U.S. Web design marketplace.

Projects normally are completed within 60 days of contract signing. Short deadlines help to keep everyone energized and focused. 


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