About Us

We support good bananas who are making the world a better place. Pleased to meet you!

Need a professional Web site? An experienced business writer to help shape your message? A copywriter to add zip and zing? Help with email marketing? It’s all here.

Lana Walker is our Head Pâtissière. She’s been developing Web sites since (almost) the dawn of the Internet. She’s also an award-winning business communicator and a chocolate connoisseur. Of course she likes bananas.

With a background in publishing, technical communication, marketing, training and development, and teaching, Lana brings a whole bunch of knowledge and skills to Good Banana Web Design.

Love supporting you

First things first.

Creating a Web site requires steps that need to be done in the right order to be successful. It requires an understanding of purpose, target audience, goals, and many other considerations.

Our 3C Web Design Process™ is the secret to creating a Web site that will help you grow your business: Clarity, then Content, then Container



"During this process not only did my web site take shape, I did too. I now speak clearly about what I do, the clients I like to work with and the results I produce. Even though I have been coaching for many years, this process deepened my own understanding and appreciation of my skills and dedication to my clients and the coaching profession."

~Merle McKinley, Master Certified Coach

Numero uno, let's get clear.

Before one pixel is designed, we get clear about what your business does, who your target audience is and what you expect your site to accomplish. 

We talk about how your Web site will fit into your marketing plan. (Please, oh please, have a marketing plan.)

We talk about your business identity and branding, and see if you have those in place or need help creating them.

Next, we create the recipe.

We talk about your site content — your written message, imagery, calls to action, and so forth. All of these should support your site goals. 

We also discuss who is responsible for creating/writing/supplying the content, timeline and due dates. We talk about what happens if the project gets delayed due to an emergency. If it's a non-emergency (like you suddenly remember you have a trip to Tahiti planned), you go to the back of the line.

Finally, the funnest phase.

Next, we move on to designing the visual presentation of the content. This is the most fun phase.

We design the "look and feel" of the site based on the project brief derived from the previous phases.

When everyone is happy with the design, we start building your site. We drop in your copy, add images, do a bunch of other things under the hood, and fiddle and fuss until your delicious site is worthy for the world to see.

Merle McKinley, Professional Certified Coach

Sound Good?

We love working with clients who recognize the value of a Web site designed to support their business goals. And they're willing to invest the time, money, energy and focus to co-create it.

Get a taste of our signature 3C Web Design Process™ in a free 30-minute phone consultation.