Our Web Design Process

Creating a Web site is like making a banoffee cream pie.

Use the right ingredients in the right order to create your delicious site.

~ The Good Banana Recipe ~

To ensure a successful Web design project, we'll follow my signature recipe — 3C Web Design Process™. It's based on recipes passed down through the ages from marketing geniuses :-)


Step 1 - Clarity

First things first

First, I ask lots of questions to get crystal-clear about your business and what you want to accomplish by having a Web site.

Here are some typical questions:

What is the name of your business?
What does the business do?
What are your products and services?
Who does your business serve?
Who are your ideal clients/customers?
What sets you apart from your competition?
What are your unique selling points?
Why do you want a Web site?
What are the goals for your site?
What are the most-wanted actions you want site visitors to take?
How will you measure the effectiveness of your site?
Do you have a marketing plan? What is it?
How does your Web site fit into your sales and marketing plans?

Step 2 - Content

The words + imagery + other things that support your goals

Everything that is content — the words, images, videos, audios, etc. — needs to align with the goals for your site. So in this step, I guide you in writing your site copy (words) based on the discoveries from Step 1. You also provide your logo, and any images, video or audio files you want to include.

If you need additional help to write your site copy, consider one of my writing packages.

Step 3 - Container

The visual representation + physical holder of your content

Designing the "container" is usually the most enjoyable part. And it's the step most think of as Web design. Good Banana takes all the words, imagery and other elements, and designs the site to support the site goals.

Following this 3-step process is fundamental to creating an effective Web site. Make sure you know what you're getting when you hire a Web designer.


"My website is a direct reflection of me and my work and I am proud of both. I owe this to Lana and her skill in bringing out the best in her clients, several whom I know personally. I have seen her do it again and again…she is masterful in assisting people whose work is not always easy to describe. By working with Lana, their artful business becomes a vibrant and successful business." 
Merle McKinley, MCC